Game-Sinew is located in Waterford Ny USA, established in 2006 and is privately owned and operated. We design and build customized computers, optimized around your needs and budget.


Game-Sinew strives to provide:

  • Custom PCs optimized around your intended application(s) to acheive desired utility, maximize performance and minimize cost.
  • Competitive, market-leading, pricing to reduce your costs.
  • Reliable systems to minimize downtime, data loss and system repairs.
  • High quality, innovative support solutions for the convenience of our customers.
  • Systems designed to the aesthetic and accoustic standards of our clients.

Game-Sinew PCs are:

  • Fast
  • Reliable
  • Inexpensive
  • Attractive
  • Quiet


Feel free to contact us and ask any questions technical or otherwise, we'll be obliged to respond as quickly and coherently as possible!

Contact Information;;;
AOL Messenger:GameSinewSupport
Yahoo Messenger:OLG4436
Meebo Messenger:GameSinewSupport
Phone #:(518)-250-0185