If you are experiencing technical difficulties and need assistance, we are here to help!

Feel free to contact us via any of the means listed below:

AOL Messenger:GameSinewSupport
Yahoo Messenger:OLG4436
MSN Messenger:OLG4436@Game-Sinew.com
Meebo Messenger:GameSinewSupport
Phone #:(518)-250-0185


Game-Sinew Custom PCs offers a 3 year-limited warranty on all available systems effective the day a product ships. This warranty entitles our customers to our priority support services via email, AOL instant messenger live chat and phone where available. If any system encounters a problem either hard-ware or software related that cannot be resolved via our available communication services, then a customer may return the system to Game-Sinew PCs for repairs under Game-Sinew instructions to do so. The system must be properly packaged and labeled in order to be accepted for repair. Return shipping to Game-Sinew will be paid for by the customer and Game-Sinew will pay for Return shipping to the customer for the first incident within 3 years time of system being shipped to the customer. Any repair costs incurred including RMA shipping of components and purchasing new hardware will be the covered by Game-Sinew for the first 3 years. Game-Sinew will not charge labor for any system repairs (lifetime). A customer is entitled to any manufacturers warranties as listed with the system and may choose to receive support directly from the manufacturer. Game-Sinew PCs is not responsible for any lost data incurred due to hardware or software failure of any kind.Game-Sinew PCs reserves the right to change, amend or adapt in any way this warranty (though original warranties will still be valid). The Game-Sinew 3 year limited warranty may be voided under (but not limited to) the following circumstances:

1. Physical damage to PC components.

2. Electrical damage to PC components.

3. Customer edited Bios settings or software overclocking.

Game-Sinew PCs is not responsible for the following (but not limited to) damages:

1. Physical damage to PC components due to shipping or user oriented means.

2. Electrical damage to PC components.

3. Software damage or loss of important data/files.

Basic Warranty layout

 3-Year Warranty and manufacturers warrantiesShipping to GSShipping to CustomerPartsLaborRMA Costs 
Within 3 yearsCustomerGS(first incident) then Customer GS GS GS
After 3 years Customer CustomerCustomer/Manufacturers Warranty GS Customer

System Upgrades

At any time as agreed to by Game-Sinew PCs, a customer may opt to return his/her PC for system upgrades. All costs will be the responsibility of the customer including but not limited to parts, labor and shipping (both ways).


System Maintenance

Over time there are many factors that can deteriorate the performance of your pc. We recommend following these simple guidelines to help your pc perform to the best of its abilities.


Electrical surges:

  • Turn off your pc’s power and rear power switch during storms and brownouts/blackouts.
  • Always plug your pc into a certified surge protector or backup power supply
  • Always keep your pc plugged in for grounding, the chassis side panels closed and try to keep it in a static free environment.

Malicious software:

  • Use anti-virus software. Game-Sinew recommends either Norton or Mcafee anti-virus and internet protection solutions.
  • Don’t download, install or unblock in windows, programs that you do not recognize.

Hard drive fragmentation:

  • Do not overload your hard drive(s) with multiple copies of the same programs.
  •  Try to defrag your hard drive about once per month (do not overdo this as it can cause problems).
  • **Every one to two and a half years, we recommend reformatting your hard drive (do not forget to copy and save important files to another location first, such as a flash drive or external hard drive)
  • **Hard drives do fail!! Use back-up solutions such as a raid 1 configuration of hard drives or an external hard drive to copy your important files and information. Game-Sinew offers many such solutions feel free to ask and we’ll help find what’s best for you.


  • We recommend wiping off any dust on your computer regularly.

Most importantly

Use common sense in all that you do with your computer, treat it with care (do not move your pc too often, jostle it ect).